Mack Courter CFP®

Founder and Principal

Top 11 things to know about Mack:

  1. Loves helping others get what they want out of life with the money they have
  2. Is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner Professional™) since 2003
  3. Is a fiduciary
  4. Has an awesome wife named Anna
  5. Has 5 beautiful daughters (yikes!)
  6. He and Anna have fostered 13 children since 2009, two of which they’ve adopted
  7. Roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  8. Loves relaxing with his family at their beach house in the Outer Banks
  9. Favorite snacks include soft pretzels and donuts
  10. #1 Goal:  Love God with all his heart, soul, and mind
  11. Donates 10% of profits to charities including Operation Underground Railroad, which rescues children from sex trafficking (

Mack Courter helps his clients design a financial road map to bridge the gap between where they are financially and where they want to be.  He specializes in working with pre-retirees and retirees who want to maintain their current lifestyle and ensure that their money lasts through their golden years.  Investors who have used his advice include people from all walks of life including physicians, pastors, teachers, plumbers, and small business owners. 

As a financial advisor, Mack works closely with each of his clients to:

  • Develop a steady, predictable income stream to rely on when they retire
  • Create and maintain an investing and savings plan most likely to meet their goals
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxes
  • Ensure they have the right types and amount of insurance and cash reserves
  • Protect their hard-earned assets for their loved ones or favorite charities

Mack is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, which required him to complete a professional course of study and pass six rigorous exams, proving his knowledge in the areas of investment, retirement, insurance, tax, and estate planning.  He achieved this distinction at the age of 23, making him one of just 3% of all CFP® certificants to obtain the designation prior to age 30.  Mack is a registered investment advisor in the state of Pennsylvania. The firm is independently owned and operated. There are no conflicts of interest regarding compensation to cloud Mack’s decision-making process and client recommendations.

Before starting his own practice in 2005, Mack worked for Ameriprise Financial, then known as American Express Financial Advisors.

Mack and his family split their time between Central Pennsylvania and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  When he’s not advising his clients, he enjoys spending time relaxing or traveling with his family, and serving in his local church.