Social Security Sneak Attack

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A couple months ago, I wrote about what it will take to make Social Security solvent.  I also predicted that Congress wouldn’t do anything until the 11th hour to fix Social Security.

I was wrong, at least to a certain extent.   

In a move that took just about everyone by surprise, our esteemed...

It’s 1998…Again

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The stock market (S&P 500 Index) is down almost 10 percent (as of last Friday) since its high in July.  You may be wondering what gives? 

Source: eSignal, 2015

If you read or watch the news, you’re told the reason is China.  China has been lowering their official economy’s growth rate over the...

Will Social Security survive?  This is a question that every sixty something year old is asking.  Last week, we discussed the Social Security Board of Trustees 2015 report.  Basically, either taxes need to increase 20 percent or benefits need to be reduced by 20 percent in order to shore it up for...

Social Security: Will It Survive, Part 1

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Last week was designated as “National my Social Security Week” by the Social Security Administration in an effort to encourage people to register with for online access.  In case you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea. 

Appropriately, the Social Security Board of Trustees...

Insurance is Like a Parachute

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Someday, I’d like to go skydiving.  It’s one of those things on my bucket list that life just keeps pushing on to the back burner.   Perhaps this is something you’ve always wanted to do too.  Or perhaps the very thought of it gives you chills down your spine.

I know that if and when I do eventually...

It’s amazing how things change in 2,400 years.  Back then, Greece was on top of the food chain.  Now, they are rather close to the bottom.  I wonder if any of them reminisce about the “Good Ole Days” as they wait in line for their daily euro’s ($67 worth) at the ATM.  Probably not.

As we all know...

How to Spot a Crooked Financial Advisor

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After reading my last post, you know about avoiding investment newsletter scams.  But do you know how to spot a crooked financial advisor?

You can get a sense of whether or not someone is honest just by watching and listening to them. 

But if you want to make sure, there is only one question you...

Too Good to Be True

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“How would you like to double your portfolio value in the next 12 months... and then... do it again every year thereafter?”

So began an email I received yesterday.  It went on to tell me I needed to sign up for their newsletter. 

We all see ads that play on our greed by promising great returns. ...

What’s better, a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?  In my last article, we discussed why one is not necessarily better than the other.  They just have different features.  I wrapped it up with this paragraph:

What do you think benefits you more from a tax standpoint:  A tax deduction now in a...

Traditional IRA vs. Roth

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This time of year, you may be thinking about socking some money in an IRA.  But which one should you use—a Traditional, or a Roth?  You get more tax savings now with the Traditional, but could the Roth be the better deal in the long term?  We are going to look at this issue today and in my next post...

The Almighty Dollar

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Last year saw two very shocking financial events.  One was the abrupt decline in oil (see my 21 January 2015 post).  The second was the steady rise in the U.S. Dollar.  For the first time in 25 years, the dollar gained against all 31 of the world’s major currencies, according to John Mauldin in his


Stock Market Update

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February 2015 marks the 40th month of the bull market in U.S. stocks.  What’s so special about 40 months?  It’s the average length for a bull market in America since 1835.

As I’ve often said before, there are seasons in the investment markets, just as there are seasons in weather patterns.  Here in...